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Our clients are our most valuable assets. We constantly look forward in providing our clients with the best satisfaction when it comes to serving them. Our one-stop service concept has brought many of our clients the convenience when it comes to hiring the RIGHT people for their organizations. Below are some valuable words from our clients & partners whom had motivated us each year in our development and expansion.
"We are proud to have RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL as our business partner in marketing our products and services to our customers. We receive very positive feedbacks from our customers on their professionalism and personalize service. We strongly recommend them to companies who are seeking for services in student’s recruitment and manpower needs. They deliver results!"

Mr Loh Soo Chuan (Principal, CEO)
Guilford - School of Hospitality

"The services rendered by RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL have surpassed our expectations. The consultants were able to understand our needs and assist in our manpower needs. We were exceptionally happy with their after sales support as well. The consultants have shown enthusiasm and have provided us solutions in this competitive industry. We highly recommend them to any other clients who wish to have a reliable and trustworthy working partner.”

Mr. Daniel Ong (Human Resource Manager)
The St James Pte Ltd; The Bellini Grande Pte Ltd
“Besides local placements, RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL has sourced and provided us with foreign talents. They have demonstrated high commitment and resourcefulness in providing us with the RIGHT people we’re looking for. I would definitely not hesitate to recommend RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL to anybody in the industry who is sourcing for solutions to their staffing problems.”

Mr. Roger Soh (Operations Manager)
Group of Restaurants – Nihon Mura Pte Ltd, Sakura Pte Ltd, Suki Sushi Pte Ltd, Yuki Yaki Pte Ltd
“In the F&B industry, acquiring people with the right values and passion was a challenge RECRUIT INTERNATIONAL has created a niche market of filling us with valuable talents from all over the world. The services rendered were way beyond our expectations. The consultants have exhibited their professionalism through their efficient service and confidentiality. The candidates that were provided for us were excellent and professional.”

Ms Roslina Shaharan (Deputy Director, Service Development) O.B. Singapore Operations Pte Ltd – (Group of restaurants - Fish & Co, Simple Life, Giraffe)

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